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How to Apply Page Setup of Microsoft Office Word

PAGE SETUP One of the most basic in application of Microsoft Word is how to page setup our document template.The part of the Microsoft Word User Interface I was posted in my last post of this blog.In applying page setup, we have different application of different menus.What I just mean the location of the menu bar.It just because of the different versions of the Microsoft Office, namely the Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010.Probably, as beginner this is application is mere difficult for us to manipulate the different directions of the menu.But if we are studios and curious in applications, it will became more simple in the future.So, this is the purpose of this blog post. I let you guide how to use the file menu then page setup of the Microsoft Word application.

So, just follow this simple steps:

  1. Open your MS-Word application
  2. Be sure that you already familiarized or memorized the different part of the MS-Word
  3. Click file menu
  4. Click page setup
  5. A window will appear on your screen, it just like the image above.I put a callouts and I put a instruction pointed on the two important tab menu on the top.
  6. So, just click either of one of the two tab menu.But actually it must be completely setup the two tab.
  7. Once you click the tab menu, example the page. All you have to do is to select the paper size of the coupon ban that you are going to use in your computer printer.Just click the drop down bar of the window or page setup dialogue box. We have four common paper we use in our printer, the 8.5” x 11” this is letter size or short coupon ban, the 8.5” x 13” this is long coupon ban, 8.5” x 14” this is legal size could be use for any legal document, just like the government docs, and the A4 size that has a measure of 8.27” x 11.69”.In this measuring prefix this understood that the 8.5” and 8.27” is just a width of the paper and the 11”, 13”, 14”, and 11.69” is the high of the paper.
  8. Then select you paper orientation, you have to options using the radio button.You can select only either Portrait or landscape of you document template. It is only understood that once you select Landscape.The height of the paper during printing it will change only to the size of the width of portrait in your document template.
  9. Then click Margin Tab menu or button
  10. Setup the margins, use the up/down arrow bar to adjust.We know that we have four corners of our paper.The top, bottom, left, and right
  11. Then setup the gutter, the gutter could be 0.5”. This gutter could be use for the air binding, soft binding, or hard binding of the document once you compile it.
  12. And setup you header and footer.This header and footer could be use for the letter head of a certain company or else a tag line or a quote sentence.And the footer commonly found below in your docs could be use for the telephone number, email add, or website and the name of the owner.Commonly 0.5” measurement of the footer.
  13. Then click Ok button
  14. And your finish.
Just follow this blog for another application of the MS Word.More importantly the application of the MS Office 2007

Perform Disk Utility of Microsoft Windows in your Computer

Disk Defragmenter One of the capabilities of the operating system(OS), windows experience (XP), windows vista, and windows 7 is to perform “Disk Utility” or what we called “Disk Defragmenter and Check Disk”. Disk defragmentation came from the root word fragmentation or fragmented. Its just a grenade when thrown, the shrapnel will scatter in different directions. So, therefore data have also been just like once stored in highest storage media of a computer, example the drive c:. So, the function of the disk defragmentation is to rearrange the data or what we called instructions once stored in different sectors of the hard drive (Platters). So that the microprocessor which has a function to fetch, decode, and execute instructions, is now easy to read/written the data through and end in different resources of the computer.

The check disk or scandisk in lower version on the other hand has a function also to check the disk integrity to perform numerous check of the disk drive data, including errors that can be repaired and performed transfer of the data to the good sector from a bad sector. And block the bad sector cannot be used in the future. But this utility can be executed through the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) by typing in the command line as chkdsk or put a command parameter /f will trigger the operating system to perform the utility disk once the computer restarted by the user.

How to run this utilities, just follow the simple steps below. You can check also this forum, MS-DOS Forum

How To Run Disk Defragmenter:

1. Click start button
2. Point to programs,accessories, system tools, then click disk defragmenter.
3. A window will displayed on the screen
4. Select the drive you want to defrag.
5. Then click defragment button
6. Then wait until 100 percent finish.
How to Run Check Disk or Scandisk
1. Click start button
2. Click run, then type in the bar CMD
3. A MS-DOS command window will appear on the screen
4. Just type in the command line chkdsk or put a command parameter /f, just the same of the image in this post above.
5. Then press enter key, if you put a command parameter just press “Y” as yes to perform the check disk once you restarted your computer.
6. And your done…see you next.

Backup Files Using Windows Backup

Backup Files Using Windows Backup One of the most important task in windows file management is the “Windows Files Backup”.Not only the storage folder for our files, deleting not important files in our computer, add remove programs, etc. are task to maintain our computer both hardware and software.This backup utility of the windows operating system of our newest windows such as windows experience(XP), Vista, and windows 7.Except this two newest OS windows vista and windows 7 are auto backup.But this is not the secure backup actually, once it is stored in one of the backup drive, the drive D:. So therefore, this is only a temporary backup, so you need to copy it in the optical disk(CD/DVD) or burned it.

So, why we need to backup our important files? the term backup is a reserve or preserve important files so that once the computer operating system got to breakdown, or we term that corrupted or what we called damage OS.There are different cause of this, one- user error, two- cause by a virus penetration(Vital Information Resource Under Seize, three- cause by a hardware failures.So therefore, once  the technician repair or format the OS.It will restored it in a normal files or back again in where they stored as files and data.

So, how to do this, just follow this simple procedures:

1. Click start button, point to programs, accessories, system tools, then click backup
2. A backup and restore wizard window will appeared on screen, just click the next button below of that window.
3. Next window you have to options, just to backup files and settings and restore backup files and settings.As restore files and settings happen only once you need to restore your backup files after you backup your files. If you are sure that your OS now have a good condition after formatting.
4.  Click next button below
5. Another options will appear on the screen just select only “Let me choose what to backup”. This is the best options for you to select manually or customized the files what to backup.Rather than to select entire system files that cause a long time backup.
6. Then click next button below.
7. Another window wizard will appear again, this window you have to frame or pane, one is items to backup, two is name of folders or files to backup.But if you want to customize the files inside of the folders.Just click the plus box or what we called navigation bar(destination).
8.  Then click next button below.
9.  Again another window wizard, this window is just the destination where the backup files stored.The best storage drive is the drive D:, as your data backup drive.
10. Type your backup file name in the bar provided.
11. Next just click the browse button
12. Now save as window will appear on the screen, just click the drop down bar or save in bar to select your destination drive.Just select drive D: or if you have external USB drive, just click it.
13. Use the filename bar to type your backup filename.
14. Then click save button.
15. Click next button.
16. Then click finish button.
17. Progressive bar will appear until 100 percent.if successful your finish it.If you see failed just repeat the procedure again.
18. Check the backup in the drive where you stored your backup.Just the same of the image posted above of this post
19. And your Done…see you in next post.

How to Apply Yahoomail Account Vacation Response

Yahoomail Vacation Response One of the most I like in yahoo mail options is the vacation response application.This option application of our yahoomail is very important because no user in internet that they don't have their vacation.The very important if even we are very busy persons, we must have time to our family.One of that treating our family for a beach vacation or else in any way, or just relaxing ourselves in month.So,therefore yahoo.com they maid to prepare us on this different occasions that we could not open our yahoomail.Our yahoomail will do the automatic response to the senders base in our message that we wrote in the typing pad(text area) us our message when we are in the vacations.
So, this procedure is very simple.I thought you before or my older post was about how to create electronic signature.It just the same procedure.But all you have to do is to select “Vacation Response”. Or just follow this simple steps.

1. Open your Yahoomail using your browsers.
2. When you log- in in your email, just click the options menu.Just top of your email windows second from right.
3. Then select mail options.
4. Other window will appear on the screen, just click Vacation Response.
5. Other application window will appear.It just the application to set your date of your vacation and your message to the sender.But in order to write the text bar and text area just click the checkbox to activate.
6.If you have domain, like: www.combinebasic.com or what we called website. Use the other bar and frame just the same the above.And type also your message in the text area.
7. If done, click the sample copy to me button, just below of your message area.
8. Then check your inbox for message, if you will received the sample message, your done now.
9.Good luck and happy vacation.

How to Create Folders in Computer Desktop

How To Create Folders
Folders or called directory in MS-DOS program. Folders are storage of files, files are those came in any application program of the computer.Such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and even internet files.Files needs storage so that it will not scattered in our computer drives.In such away we find it exactly or easy to find in a moment of time.That's why windows also have a utility program to run a defragmentation, so that the files or data or datum in computer’s program will fragmented.So therefore it will easy to read or handle by the computer processor as to read and written, fetching and executing the files.

So, here the purpose of this post, just follow the procedures below.

 Purpose: This will guide the users how to create folders of windows program.


  1. right click on the blank of Desktop
  1. point to new, then click Folders
  1. Then a new folder will appear on your screen, type immediately the folder name you want, ex: exer then press enter key
(b) How to rename a Folder

  1. Right click on a folder you want to rename, ex: exer, then click rename command
  1. then type your new folder name , ex: practice then press enter key
(C :) How to move a folder in a desktop to windows explorer

Steps in How to open windows explorer

  1. Right click on the start button

  1. then click explore
  1. then windows explorer will appear on screen
Procedure in how to move a folder in desktop to windows explorer

  1. Right click on a folder you want to move, ex: exer, then click cut

  1. Then open windows explorer, follows the screenshots above, then once the windows explorer open, right click on the blank of right panel, then click paste. Then your folder will appear on the screen. end


  1. Open the drive or folder where the files stored
  1. Highlight all files you want to copy, use ctrl+a or use your mouse to highlight

  1. Then right click on the highlighted files

  1. Then click copy
  2. Then open the folder you want to copy your files, ex: MyFiles folder in My Documents

  1. Then right click on the blank of right panel or in a blank of inside the folder, then click paste.

7. Then wait until the copying of files will finish


Note: delete first the files inside a folder, before deleting a folder

  1. Open the folder you want to delete
  2. Use ctrl+a to highlight the files or documents


  1. Then click delete
  2. Then right click on the folder you want to delete, using the left panel or any where the folder located, then click delete
    5.Now your done.