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Setting- up Computer Desktop Properties

Setting- up Desktop Properties
Purpose: This will guide the users in how to manage and setup windows desktop background,  settings, screen savers and desktop appearance conditions or Situation for the Operation. 

Users  must follow very carefully the procedure and familiarization of the buttons of the windows to make a perfect output of the procedure. 



1. Right click on the blank of desktop 2. Click properties command of pop up window. 3. Windows will appear on screen, click desktop or background 4.Select in the text area of display properties window a background of your windows desktop, ex: setup 5.Click apply button, then click ok button.

1. Right Click on the Blank of Desktop 2. click properties 3. Windows will appear on screen, click screen saver button 4. Click drop/down bar, to select a screen saver on the list, ex: 3d text. 5. Click settings button, beside of drop down box 6. Dialog box of 3d text settings will appear on screen, select option button 3d text or custom text 7. Then click and type your screen saver you want in text bar, ex: Hello World 8. Hold and drag the sliding bar to increase size, resolution and rotation speed 9. Then click drop down bar to select your spin style ex: see saw. 10. Then ok button or apply button. 11. Then back on the display properties window, then click preview button (Note: after you click the preview button release the mouse and do not touch the keyboard , so that the screen saver will appear on your screen) 12. click the up/down arrow bar to setup your waiting time to display your screen saver in your monitor screen. 13. Then click apply button then ok button. 14. Now your finished, if you leave your computer unattended in a minutes, the screen saver will appear in your monitor screen.


1. right click on the blank of desktop 2. click properties 3. Then display properties window will appear, click appearance 4. Click drop/down box, click windows classic on the list. 5. click another drop/down bar for you color scheme, then click, ex: desert 6. Click another drop/down box beneath of color scheme for font size and font style of you desktop. 7. Click up/ down arrow bar to increase and decrease the size of the font, 32  8. click drop/down arrow bar to select item, ex: icon 9. click another drop/down bar for font style, ex: Tahoma 10. click ok button for display appearance, and click ok button for display properties.


1. Right click on the blank of desktop 2. click properties 3. display properties will appear on the screen, click settings button 4. use sliding bar, hold and drag using your mouse to increase resolution of the monitor screen 5.  click apply button, then click ok button.

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