Yahoomail Parts Use and Function

Yahoomail Parts and Function
Another email function and one of the most and use email today is the Yahoomail. Like gmail, yahoo also very popular to the user. Most likely of their new beta version and new email window. And there are also more applications inside and one of that is putting an electronic signature using their options menu. This could be the next of my post how to compose email and use electronic signature on the type pad. Now the next of my post is the part of the email window of the Yahoo mail as you familiarize the part before to use it. Look and read carefully the part and the name of it.

  1. Profile Account Name: This could be found on the top of your yahoomail window.This is use for your profile info and your username.
  2. Search Bar:This is found at the top right side of your email window.This is use to search your email received messages and to search in the internet once you type in the bar and click the button at the right side.
  3. Menu Tab Button:Found underneath your your profile name and yahoo logo.This tools or menus use to tabulate your email application and view it constantly after you open your messages and application, such as your viewed news, inbox email, contacts, etc.
  4. Compose Message Button: Found underneath of your email tab menu.Once you click it will bring you to the message type pad where you can write your message and type your info, the sender, reciever, bcc,cc, and subject, or you can make your electronic signature.
  5. Email Left panel: located at the left side of your email window.This is your tasked and application bar panel that you can select what to manage and do your application using your email.such as your inbox messages, spam, send messages or your outbox, online contacts, and so on.It will viewed your application on the center or task on your email window.
  6. Message Area: located at the center of your email window.Your messages, task, and application will viewed here.And all your application and tasked where you can performed here in a very instructional manner, supported with images.
  7. Right Panel: Located at the right side of your email window.This is one of your advertisement area from yahoo business center.Once you click it the link, it will bring you to the advertiser site.
  8. And done.Happy new years to all...
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Another email function and one of the most and use email today is the Yahoomail . Like gmail, yahoo also very popular to the user. Most...
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