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Microsoft Office Word 2003 Basic Parts Use and Functions

Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Parts
As we go ahead in our instructional exercises, really I'll be going to present how to make a Facebook account. But I will leave this first since one requesting that me how to utilize the text style of Microsoft office. Once in a while, we have two forms of Microsoft office as basic in our PC as our pledge preparing of our PC office application. Now, on the grounds that in my PC I have just MS-Office 2003, I will post that later in the coming days.

Simply examine and acclimate the photo that I embedded here in this post. Because learning in the application we should retain or yet to acquaint the fundamental part. And recall dependably that before applying any buttons or command you must highlight first the text or paragraph.


I included naming the whole buttons of the 2 most important bar of the MS-office 2003 application

Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Parts Command buttons
  1. Menu Bar: Situated below the title bar of the MS- office Interface: this is used to select different applications, such as formats, files as you are going to the setup page or Page Setup, see the image above.
  2. Standard Tool Bar: Situated below the menu bar: these are all standard or common commands that could be used in office application, such as a save button as where you save your files, a new button as you want to open a new template, print as to print your documents or print a hard copy, see image above.
  3. Formating Tool Bar: Situated below the standard toolbar: this could be used to format your application. The word format is to change any appearance of your text, paragraphs, put borders, font style, font size, number list, etc, see the image left.
"Just follow this blog for my next tutorial of how to use the MS-Office Both 2003 and 2007"

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