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How to Sent Email Messages using Yahoomail Account

How To Sent Email Messages
Presently as I guarantee in my last post, I distribute how to sent email message. What's more, I distributed the distinctive piece of the make email.So it is currently simple to you to recognize the parts. Yet, this post is about the make message out of the Yahoomail. I will distributed another utilizing the gmail in the coming days. What's more, by next of this post is the way to put electronic mark and join documents.

Presently tap the picture on the left and read and take after the guidelines and the directions underneath.

  1. Open your web browser, then type in the address bar yahoomail.com or just click thisyahoomail.com
  2. Now enter your yahoo id and password and click the log in button.
  3. Once your log in or your inside now in your email click the compose message button.
  4. Then type the email address of the reciever and don't forget to type the subject of your message.If you want to include the carbon copy and blind copy just type the email addresses of this.
  5. Then type your message inside the type pad and apply the necessary formats just like in my image that I post here.Apply emoticons and stationary as possible to impress your receiver.
  6. Then type your closing mark and don't forget to type your name below.
  7. And click the sent button if your finished and ready to sent your message.
  8. A spam detector will display in your screen, just type the code below
  9. And click the continue button
  10. Then wait until you will acknowledge that your done.
  11. Just click the done button to go back in your in box message.
  12. And your done.

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  1. hi friend thanks for reading my post here and leaving a comments.Its me help me post more tutorial here for different basics.Actually this blog for the very beginner just like my students in computer literacy here in Davao City Philippines.So just follow my blog post In another interesting topics in coming days.God Bless


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