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How to Download Images and Pictures Using Google Search Engine Bar

How To Download Images And Pictures Using Search Engine Bar

In my last post I was posted about the email administrations or how to make email accounts. Presently here in this post I will tell you how to download pictures through the web. Google outline its programs called Chrome. Presently when we hunt or make an inquiry utilizing the web index bar. It is simple since once you tap the search button and images link. You now quickly a list items of pictures in your screen.

This is the motivation behind this post to tell you how to download pictures venture by step.This post is extremely essential and regular of to all clients of the internet,"How To Download Images Using the web search tool bar.

What's more, These are the methods:

Chrome Browser Download images using Google Search
  1. Open your internet browsers, such as Google Chrome or click this link:http://www.google.com.ph/ and you will see the search engine bar on the center of the page, like on the picture above on this screen.
  2. Now click first the images menu under the tool bar.Located above of the page, click the image for your guide. 
  3. Now on that bar type the name of the image or picture inside of that bar and click the Google search button.Click the image of this post for your guide.
  4. Now a list of the images will display on the screen with the name of the sites and web address together with the details of the images.
  5. Now select your best choices of the image and picture.
  6. Right Click on the image you choice
  7. Then Click Save Image As
  8. A destination window will display on the screen. Be sure to select or click the drop down bar for the location where you save your picture or image.Like the My Documents folder of the computer windows.
  9. Then type the filename of your image so that it will easily identified when you find it in your computer.
  10. Then click save button
  11. Repeat only the procedure if you wnat to download another images and pictures.
  12. Now your done. Then enjoy your downloaded image and pictures.
  13. Go back here for another tutorial by next post. Goodluck!   

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