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Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard


Use Skydrive for Microsoft Office Application using Online

Learn how to create Skydrive account of your outlook email account

What is skydrive or onedrive? lets see the other online word reference, as indicated by wikipedia.com a free online lexicon; Windows Live SkyDrive, at first called Windows Live Folders, is a for nothing out of pocket record facilitating administration that enables clients to transfer documents to a distributed storage and afterward get to them from a Web program. It is a piece of Microsoft's Windows Live scope of online administrations, and utilizations Windows Live ID to control access to documents, enabling clients to keep the records private, share them with contacts, or make the documents open. Freely shared documents don't require a Windows Live ID to get to. Simply click this to peruse more: wikipedia.com

Skydrive settings for online Microsoft Office application in your MSN outlook

As you read the definition and understand it the use of this application given us by the Microsoft Corporation the one also develop our operating system called Windows

Testing after setting up online Microsoft Office using Skydrive of outlook.com

Presently, what are the prerequisites to access to skydrive completely?As we gained from my past post how to make email both Yahoomail and Gmail.That's likewise the need of this application, you need a record of the hotmail.com. So along these lines, to finish the application and utilize one of that to have guide access to your email contacts for sending your messages by means of your skydrive.

After you have or effectively making your viewpoint account, simply sign in to your record and discover the SkyDrive menu arranged above in your entrance to your hotmail or outlook.com.Just like the picture on the left of this post, simply select and click your application, case Microsoft word, see the picture of this post. Furthermore, you will landed like on the picture on the left.

Also, you will see a fly up content bar approaching you for the record name of your application, simply type it if important to recognize your document effectively and simply click make catch. Also, you will landed again to the following page as the fundamental page of your MS-Office application online.See the picture on the left of this post.

Now, you can have your application using the skydrive, just like what I being formatted of my combinebasic.com using the font color menu  and font size.

And you're done, Just follow this blog, See you on the next post. Good day...

Microsoft Office Word 2003 Basic Parts Use and Functions

Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Parts
As we go ahead in our instructional exercises, really I'll be going to present how to make a Facebook account. But I will leave this first since one requesting that me how to utilize the text style of Microsoft office. Once in a while, we have two forms of Microsoft office as basic in our PC as our pledge preparing of our PC office application. Now, on the grounds that in my PC I have just MS-Office 2003, I will post that later in the coming days.

Simply examine and acclimate the photo that I embedded here in this post. Because learning in the application we should retain or yet to acquaint the fundamental part. And recall dependably that before applying any buttons or command you must highlight first the text or paragraph.


I included naming the whole buttons of the 2 most important bar of the MS-office 2003 application

Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Parts Command buttons
  1. Menu Bar: Situated below the title bar of the MS- office Interface: this is used to select different applications, such as formats, files as you are going to the setup page or Page Setup, see the image above.
  2. Standard Tool Bar: Situated below the menu bar: these are all standard or common commands that could be used in office application, such as a save button as where you save your files, a new button as you want to open a new template, print as to print your documents or print a hard copy, see image above.
  3. Formating Tool Bar: Situated below the standard toolbar: this could be used to format your application. The word format is to change any appearance of your text, paragraphs, put borders, font style, font size, number list, etc, see the image left.
"Just follow this blog for my next tutorial of how to use the MS-Office Both 2003 and 2007"

How to Download Images and Pictures Using Google Search Engine Bar

How To Download Images And Pictures Using Search Engine Bar

In my last post I was posted about the email administrations or how to make email accounts. Presently here in this post I will tell you how to download pictures through the web. Google outline its programs called Chrome. Presently when we hunt or make an inquiry utilizing the web index bar. It is simple since once you tap the search button and images link. You now quickly a list items of pictures in your screen.

This is the motivation behind this post to tell you how to download pictures venture by step.This post is extremely essential and regular of to all clients of the internet,"How To Download Images Using the web search tool bar.

What's more, These are the methods:

Chrome Browser Download images using Google Search
  1. Open your internet browsers, such as Google Chrome or click this link:http://www.google.com.ph/ and you will see the search engine bar on the center of the page, like on the picture above on this screen.
  2. Now click first the images menu under the tool bar.Located above of the page, click the image for your guide. 
  3. Now on that bar type the name of the image or picture inside of that bar and click the Google search button.Click the image of this post for your guide.
  4. Now a list of the images will display on the screen with the name of the sites and web address together with the details of the images.
  5. Now select your best choices of the image and picture.
  6. Right Click on the image you choice
  7. Then Click Save Image As
  8. A destination window will display on the screen. Be sure to select or click the drop down bar for the location where you save your picture or image.Like the My Documents folder of the computer windows.
  9. Then type the filename of your image so that it will easily identified when you find it in your computer.
  10. Then click save button
  11. Repeat only the procedure if you wnat to download another images and pictures.
  12. Now your done. Then enjoy your downloaded image and pictures.
  13. Go back here for another tutorial by next post. Goodluck!   

How to Create Electronic Signature in Yahoomail

Here you start to setup your electronic signature

Another most imperative utilization of our email is electronic mark utilizing our Yahoomail. It's only a decent and programmed shutting mark underneath on it.We add dependably signature or our name beneath of our message to guarantee to our peruser, collector, or beneficiary that message most likely have a place with us, in light of our electronic mark. This will dependably seem each sending of our message. Hurray has an extraordinary application with respect to in email application and clear email window.

Now look the image I attached to this post. And just follow the procedure to create this email application.

Starts here to setup your electronic signature and vacation responder

  1. Open your internet browser and login to your yahoomail or just click this:yahoomail
  2. Once you open your yahoomail look for the option menu on the top, beside the signout menu.Or just click the image in this post to display in full screen.
  3. Once the menu will dropdown, click the mail options(click the image on the left)
Here you can create your electronic signature using the text bar

  1. Then type pad will display on the screen, just type your name as your email electronic signature. And just use the tool bar above to design or format your text as your signature.(Just click the image in the center)
  2. If your done in creating your electronic signature, just find the save button commonly found below of your type pad and click it.
  3. And your done and return to your inbox and or compose your email and you will see your handsome electronic signature just below your message.

How to Sent Email Messages using Yahoomail Account

How To Sent Email Messages
Presently as I guarantee in my last post, I distribute how to sent email message. What's more, I distributed the distinctive piece of the make email.So it is currently simple to you to recognize the parts. Yet, this post is about the make message out of the Yahoomail. I will distributed another utilizing the gmail in the coming days. What's more, by next of this post is the way to put electronic mark and join documents.

Presently tap the picture on the left and read and take after the guidelines and the directions underneath.

  1. Open your web browser, then type in the address bar yahoomail.com or just click thisyahoomail.com
  2. Now enter your yahoo id and password and click the log in button.
  3. Once your log in or your inside now in your email click the compose message button.
  4. Then type the email address of the reciever and don't forget to type the subject of your message.If you want to include the carbon copy and blind copy just type the email addresses of this.
  5. Then type your message inside the type pad and apply the necessary formats just like in my image that I post here.Apply emoticons and stationary as possible to impress your receiver.
  6. Then type your closing mark and don't forget to type your name below.
  7. And click the sent button if your finished and ready to sent your message.
  8. A spam detector will display in your screen, just type the code below
  9. And click the continue button
  10. Then wait until you will acknowledge that your done.
  11. Just click the done button to go back in your in box message.
  12. And your done.

Yahoomail Compose Email Message Parts Use and Functions

Learn the parts and how to compose message in Yahoomail
A standout amongst the most vital utilization of our email is the way to form messages. So it is simple on the off chance that you know the parts and capacity. My last post is the parts and capacity of the Yahoomail window. Presently this new post is the part and capacity of the make message out of the yahoo mail. You should simply to discover the create message catch, position on the left under the tab devices over the inbox on the left board. What's more, simply click it, it will convey you to the new window of the create message.

Presently look on the picture on the left of this post, I have a screen captures, simply click it and study it the parts. The parts are:
  1. Tab Buttons: The tab buttons are: send- this sent button once you click it will sent your message to the client receiver, cancel- once you click it will cancel your compose message, save as draft- once you click it will bring to or save your compose message to the draft left side panel of your email.
  2. Email Address Bar: This bar position below the Tab buttons, it is a bar of the address email of your receiver(email client receiver), ex: To: greencomval@gmail.com
  3. CC Bar: Or what we called, Carbon Copy Bar.This is also email address of your receiver.It will sent to your default receiver as you type email address of the receiver, ex: To: greencomval@gmail.com and you type also in the email address of the CC bar, ex: CC: swordspider@yahoo.com.It will sent message to the two email address with the same message.That why called as carbon copy.
  4. BCC Button:Or what we called, Blind Carbon Copy, once you click this button it will open another bar.So that you can type an email address of the receiver that he/she cannot know or identify who sent the message.Because of the unknown information of the sender.
  5. Subject Bar:Type here your title of your message.Commonly a email message with no title written of this bar it will bring to or stored in spam.
  6. Attach File Button:Once you click this button, it will bring you to the customized button of the attach file you want to sent via your email.Just follow the instruction of the screen to upload your file from your computer up to your email attach file.
  7. Type Pad Tab Buttons:They are your formatting Tools you need of your typingPad or writing message.Unlike the Attachments, it is your attach file uploaded, but the Emoticons is what we called emotion icons or commonly called as smiley.And the Format buttons is use to format use paragraph, font, size and colors,etc.
  8. Switch To Plain Text Button: Once you click this button, it will hide the tab buttons of your writing area.Meaning you do not need to format your message.
  9. And Done: Just follow this blog for the next important post, I will post How to send and put electronic signature and attaching file or upload it to your email.  

Yahoomail Parts Use and Function

Yahoomail Parts and Function
Another email function and one of the most and use email today is the Yahoomail. Like gmail, yahoo also very popular to the user. Most likely of their new beta version and new email window. And there are also more applications inside and one of that is putting an electronic signature using their options menu. This could be the next of my post how to compose email and use electronic signature on the type pad. Now the next of my post is the part of the email window of the Yahoo mail as you familiarize the part before to use it. Look and read carefully the part and the name of it.

  1. Profile Account Name: This could be found on the top of your yahoomail window.This is use for your profile info and your username.
  2. Search Bar:This is found at the top right side of your email window.This is use to search your email received messages and to search in the internet once you type in the bar and click the button at the right side.
  3. Menu Tab Button:Found underneath your your profile name and yahoo logo.This tools or menus use to tabulate your email application and view it constantly after you open your messages and application, such as your viewed news, inbox email, contacts, etc.
  4. Compose Message Button: Found underneath of your email tab menu.Once you click it will bring you to the message type pad where you can write your message and type your info, the sender, reciever, bcc,cc, and subject, or you can make your electronic signature.
  5. Email Left panel: located at the left side of your email window.This is your tasked and application bar panel that you can select what to manage and do your application using your email.such as your inbox messages, spam, send messages or your outbox, online contacts, and so on.It will viewed your application on the center or task on your email window.
  6. Message Area: located at the center of your email window.Your messages, task, and application will viewed here.And all your application and tasked where you can performed here in a very instructional manner, supported with images.
  7. Right Panel: Located at the right side of your email window.This is one of your advertisement area from yahoo business center.Once you click it the link, it will bring you to the advertiser site.
  8. And done.Happy new years to all...