How to Create Google Email or Gmail Account

How To Creat Google Email or Gmail

One of the important application of the internet is owning an email (Electronic Mail) account. Commonly email account is required in the different sites once you need to register or you want to login. This is one of the authentication methods of a certain site once an internet user wants to register on a site, Like the amazon, Facebook, eBay, blogger, and many more.

Internet site builder or site owner needs an email from us, cause they can send us news letter for their email campaign or promoting their products and advertisement through newsletter via email. Likewise us, we use email not only for the purpose of getting registered on a site but to send messages to our family, friends, or business associates or else as the main purpose.

Now the purpose of this post is to let you learn how making an email account as a beginner. There are three giant networks who can serve email services, namely: google as gmail, yahoo as yahoo mail, MSN as hotmail now become

Follow the instructions below to create your own gmail account.

  1. Open your internet browser, google chrome, Monzilla Firefox, or Internet explorer.
  2. Once your internet browser open, just type in address bar the url or link, just click this:
  3. Once open fill up the new account information for you just like in this image.(note: creating your password must be unique and strong and cannot be forgotten or easy to remember. Just like your birthday.And if you have other email just type in the bar, this serves as your opposite account whenever your account hack and you can use this to compromise your email account.
  4. Type in the bar the word combination as spam detector for you.
  5. check box the user agreement then proceed next button by clicking it. 
  6. if you have photo prepared for your account just click the add profile photo.Then follow the instructions of the screen.
  7. If none just click next step button; a blue button
  8. Then click continue to gmail button to customize your email window
  9. Then your done.

  • It is recommended to create not only Gmail, but also Yahoomail and
  • Then use it as alternate email account both of your emails using the three giant networks.
  • You can easily recover your email accounts whenever it is got compromise.

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One of the important application of the internet is owning an email (Electronic Mail) account. Commonly email account is required in t...
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