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Gmail Parts Use and Functions


Gmail or Google Mail services are one of the biggest email services serves in internet to the net citizens. Google is one of the big giant networks of the internet, aside of MSN (Microsoft Service Network) and Yahoo. These two sites also serve email services, like outlook.com, which is the former hotmail.com and the yahoomail.com.

This post is all about the parts of the email windows of the Google Mail or Gmail. Because this thing is very badly needed to learn first the parts in order for you to navigate the user interface account of your gmail. Because without learning the parts, might be cause to you astray in the environment of your user interface, so study it below.

So, lets start on the top of the email window
  1. Google Application: One of the most experience that I have done in Google application is the Google + add to a circles.In which all the web site builder have an account of this to promote their sites. Just click this application then it will bring you to the account registration
  2. Search Bar Email and Webs: this bar could be use to find or browse your messages inside your email after you type what you find inside your email window after you click also the button search mail.But if you want to find or search on the internet just click the Search the Web button.
  3. Google Profile Account: this bar found on the top of your email window, is the new bar of the new window of Google email user interface.If you click it will display down and you can see the sign out command of your email and your picture of the Google +, account settings, privacy, and profile.
  4. Email Tools: this tool bars found top of your compose email and message area could be use for your received messages, such as: move to personal important, spam, trash, etc. if you click this tools.
  5. Left bar or Left Panel: (the inbox and other application of gmail) are use for any task of your email, such as: inbox of your received messages, starred, drafts, circles, personal, travel, etc. for your email account.
  6. Chat and SMS Bar: this could be use for your email chat and SMS messages during email session.
  7. Invite a Friend Bar: this could be use to invite your friend in Google email from other network, such as: yahoomail and MSN.
  8. Google Ads:  this could be found on the right bar, this is an advertisement from the Google adsense.If click this it will bring you to the ads page of the link of the advertiser.
  9.  Email Message Area: this portion of your email windows where the messages will displayed vertically.You can either display images below by clicking the button.


  • Gmail account is getting updates of other versions, there will be changes of the tools, settings, and menus location and use. It has exactly change, but same use and function, like the electronic signature.

How to Create Yahoomail Account

How To Creat Yahoomail Account Login

A week ago, I presented about how on make gmail record or google email and one of the giant network. And furthermore a standout amongst the most prominent system webpage whom serving an Electronic Mail message to the web clients or the World Wide Web is the Yahoo, or their Yahoomail. It has a similar reason or utilization of the application. The basic role is to sent electronic messages and to store messages from the sender to the receiver by means of web systems.

Now this post will

Yahoomail Account

The Procedures:
  1. Double click or right click to open your browsers.
  2. Once it open, just type in the address bar of your browser, yahoomail.com or click this 
  3. After you hit enter key or you click the find icon, it will bring you to the yahoomail log- in or sign- up page.Just like the picture above using the Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Now, find on that page the button which has a name of creat a new account, just click on it.
  5. Type your first name and last name in a bar provided and the rest of the bar, just follow the instructions of the screen.Note: Be familiar with the drop down bar, just click it for your list of options
  6. The same of the Gmail, create a unique address and your password that it is not easy to forget. Or you can easily remember whenever you forgot it in a moment of time.
  7. Now you must type an alternate email so that whenever your account would be compromise.The yahoo has a reference using your other email or alternate email.
  8. Now just select your security question and answer it secretly.You are the one only knew your answer.You ca use this whenever any updates or verify your yahoomail account, you can answer through your security questions.
  9. Then type your spam detector for your account.This will check you whenever you log-in and log-out of your yahoomail account.
  10. Then click create my account button. Just follow the instruction of the screen so that it will bring you to your yahoomail window.Just like in the image on the right side of this post.
  11. And your done.


  • The time you create your Yahoomail, it is recommended to write your alternate email account in one of the bar of the registration form. You can create Gmail as your alternate email account or the outlook.com
  • Whenever your account got compromise, use your alternate email to retrieve your account.

How to Create Google Email or Gmail Account

How To Creat Google Email or Gmail

One of the important application of the internet is owning an email (Electronic Mail) account. Commonly email account is required in the different sites once you need to register or you want to login. This is one of the authentication methods of a certain site once an internet user wants to register on a site, Like the amazon, Facebook, eBay, blogger, and many more.

Internet site builder or site owner needs an email from us, cause they can send us news letter for their email campaign or promoting their products and advertisement through newsletter via email. Likewise us, we use email not only for the purpose of getting registered on a site but to send messages to our family, friends, or business associates or else as the main purpose.

Now the purpose of this post is to let you learn how making an email account as a beginner. There are three giant networks who can serve email services, namely: google as gmail, yahoo as yahoo mail, MSN as hotmail now become Outlook.com

Follow the instructions below to create your own gmail account.

  1. Open your internet browser, google chrome, Monzilla Firefox, or Internet explorer.
  2. Once your internet browser open, just type in address bar the url or link, just click this: gmail.com
  3. Once open fill up the new account information for you just like in this image.(note: creating your password must be unique and strong and cannot be forgotten or easy to remember. Just like your birthday.And if you have other email just type in the bar, this serves as your opposite account whenever your account hack and you can use this to compromise your email account.
  4. Type in the bar the word combination as spam detector for you.
  5. check box the user agreement then proceed next button by clicking it. 
  6. if you have photo prepared for your account just click the add profile photo.Then follow the instructions of the screen.
  7. If none just click next step button; a blue button
  8. Then click continue to gmail button to customize your email window
  9. Then your done.

  • It is recommended to create not only Gmail, but also Yahoomail and Outlook.com
  • Then use it as alternate email account both of your emails using the three giant networks.
  • You can easily recover your email accounts whenever it is got compromise.

Different Internet Browsers Commonly use in Computer

Google Chrome Internet Browser
Web programs is a program used to open web locales and obligation to refresh additional items of each webpage for their diverse applications. This utility program is introduced in our PC and dependable to recover, exhibit, investigate, and cross substance through the internet or www. Web or worldwide Networks creation of the numerous locales around the world, it's recognized by means of the URI (Universal Resource Identifier or URL (Universal Resource Locator) to recover snippets of data or substance like recordings of video-sharing groups like YouTube, pictures, web substance data, including the web-based social networking that we have now this day.
Internet Explorer (IE) In the new version Microsoft Edge

There are many browsers that have been created, from old to new when the World Wide Web change to Nexus sometime in 1990. And after all, we got new browsers listed below:

Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser

  1. Internet Explorer or IE- it is free installed after you installed the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Now it is also called "Microsoft Edge".
  2. Google Chrome Or Chrome- it is own and design by Google Company, sometimes on September 2, 2008, 7 years from its initial release.
  3. Mozilla Firefox- it is own and design by Mozilla Foundation and Contributors, sometime on September 23, 2002, 13 years from its initial release.
  4. Safari- it is own and design by Apple Company, the company which Steve Jobs Founded, sometime on January 7,2003, 13 years from its initial release.
  5. Opera- it is own and design by Opera Software, sometime in 1995, 21 years from its initial release. 
Opera Internet Browser

  1. As you see the icons( its a group of small picture commonly found in the right side of the Microsoft windows)
  2. Just double click the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or right-click and click the open command.
  3. The internet browser will open in seconds or in a minute just depend on the speed of your computer.
  4. Once it opens, you can type now your Url or your favorite site in the address bar just above the portion of the browser interface(as I put indicator colored in red-orange of the image above). And you can use the search engine bar situated in the center(I indicated a red-orange box). You can type also what you want on the internet as your search. And so the browser will give you a list of sites related to your search.
  5. And just press enter key of the keyboard or use your mouse and click the arrow or magnifier icon located on the right side of the address bar.
  6. And just wait until the site will open.
    Safari Internet Browser
  • In using different browsers, these browsers are well equipped so that we can retrieve content on certain sites. But it is recommended to use by its products. Like YouTube, bloggers, Google Sites, it's better recommended to use Chrome.
  • If you want to open Yahoo.com or any products own by Yahoo, it's better to use Mozilla Firefox.
  • Apple gadgets, it's better to use Apple Safari.
  • Microsoft products, it's better to use Microsoft Edge or IE or Mozilla Firefox.
  • On both of these Giant network sites, you can use Opera.